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The Total U

You're here, because you're ready to live the life that you've been dreaming of, (even though it feels so far away at the moment).


You're here, because you're sick of feeling stuck in a rut, 
lost and like something is missing from you life.


You're here, because you're stressed out
and you've got no idea how to get motivated and clear on where you want to go.


You're here, because you're sick of the self doubt, the negative self talk and the constant struggle to feel healthy and happy.

Life Coaching Specialties:

Mastering the Single Life - Coaching

Confidence Coaching

Non-Profit Business- Set-up- Coaching

Financial Wellness – Recovering from the Fall

Spiritual Restoration Coaching

Team U – Surviving The Critics - Coaching


The Total U is for 

Spirit, Mind, Body and Soul  



Our mission is to empower individuals to reach wholeness, wellness, wisdom and wealth through the power of knowledge and steady application. To create positive change in your total being, so that individuals can begin to live a more prosperous life with prosperity, peace, joy, happiness, good mental, good physical health, and spiritual maturity.


Statement of Purpose:

The Total U Enrichment Center is a Non-Profit 501c3 organization whose focus is to empower individuals, and families in the areas of wealth, wellness and wholeness.  Wealth – helping with vocational, education and financial training that engages and empowers our community to  reach for their dreams and hopes of providing a better life for themselves.  Wholeness – Spiritual based counseling group session that are broken out by various age groups, individual counseling, bible classes, and spiritual mentoring are a great help to all that receive these service from our professional Christian counselors, chaplains and volunteers.  Wellness - we offer numerous health, fitness and wellness education classes from trained professionals.   Wisdom – Encouraging our teens in the area of gifting, passion, purpose, career path and education.



Join us for our Wealth Fair – July 2017 More info coming soon  Ages 5 and up


The Total U Enrichment Program is on from 9:00 – 9:30 PM CST  Thursday  Enriching Lives and Empowering futures through Wholeness, Wellness, Wealth, Wisdom and Well-Being

Dial in # is 347-826-9658 or listen in at


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